Posted by: lisetta | June 7, 2009

Bruschetta di Melissa

Tonight we had a “grigliata” with Melissa and Benedict, on their newly paved patio. On the menu were grilled vegetables and grilled steak, cous cous salad, Melissa’s mom’s giardiniera (lightly pickled vegetables), and the tastiest bruschetta I’ve had in  a very long time. 


Served on a toasted grainy bread, the topping contained chopped tomato, cannellini beans and olives. A perfect appetizer for a summer evening. Grazie!

Back in the day when I actually liked garlic, I remember one of the Italian doctors showing me how to make the classic bruschetta by rubbing raw garlic onto toasted bread and smashing cherry tomatoes on top, drizzling it all with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. I remember being surprised at how good it was. Wonder if I’d like that version now?



  1. That sounds like pan tomaca (sp?) in Spain. Let’s experiment and find out if you still like it! That photo is gorgeous–perfect colors and brightness.

  2. Bruschetta has become one of my new favorite foods and your example sounds great!

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