Posted by: lisetta | June 22, 2009

Pecorino toscano


Caught up with an old friend this morning at Penn Mac ‘dahn’a Strip, and asked him to introduce me to an Italian version of Zamorano, a favored sheep’s milk cheese from Spain. He gave me pecorino toscano, a far less interesting choice now that I am at home eating it with a slice of ciabatta and some cerignola olives. Mild and a bit creamy, it’s got far less bite than the pecorino romano I bought while experimenting with carbonara a while back. Ate it with a bit of honey, but still derived no particular pleasure. Pazienza!



  1. […] cheeses, which are mostly produced in Tuscany, Sicily, Sardinia and Lazio. I was unimpressed with pecorino toscano a few years back, but find these younger versions with flavors somewhat intriguing. Fattorie […]

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