Posted by: lisetta | July 5, 2009

Garden zucchine

Last year at this time, I was complaining that a local supermarket did not have zucchine. This year I’m picking my own zucchine from my garden! Today was a perfect day, in just about all respects.

Woke up to sunny, cool, dry weather and a bicycle ride through Fairmount. Kept a pace of 18-20 mph on the flats for about 20 miles, resisting biker boy fantasies with faves on the iPod.  More than 6 weeks after my accident, I felt, for the first time, little discomfort in my shoulder; it felt great to enter the flow and focus on my cadence/breath. Wish every day could start off so well!

Back home, I hit the garden to find several itty bitty zucchine with their flowers still attached. Plucked them from their fuzzy stems, pinched off some fresh basil and high tailed it up to my apartment for lunch. I hadn’t cooked pasta in a month!

Penne with zucchine

Sauté sweet onion in olive oil until translucent

Slice zucchine into half moon rounds, and add them to the onion

Cook for 5-7 minutes until zucchine are softened yet retain their bite.

Add cooked penne to the pan, sauté a bit more.

Add basil chiffonade and microzested pecorino romano right before serving, and think about how much you like all the variations of pasta with zucchine. 🙂

Feel grateful for your health and your free time, and then head out to an afternoon with Ben and Rachel and an evening grigliata with the Italian boys. Time does fly when you’re having fun.



  1. You and I are (and probably millions others) are now on the great zucchini race – to pick and eat all those zucchini before they grow into baseball bats. I’ll have to try it with pasta.

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