Posted by: lisetta | July 9, 2009


I’d like to shop in a store like Citarella. If we had one in Philadelphia, it’s certain that I couldn’t afford to go there as often as I’d like, but when ‘vacationing’ in another city, anything’s game. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

The Upper West Side, Broadway and 75th

The Upper West Side, Broadway and 75th




I first learned of Citarella many years ago while dating a chef in NYC. Though he often shopped at Fairway next door, he liked to go in to Citarella for some ‘food porn’, picking up some fresh fish or meat for a special meal.

With stores in Manhattan and the Hamptons, the “ultimate gourmet market” is a food destination, according to their website.  We strolled in after having visited Zabar’s, a far more lively New York food destination (and a more accessibly-priced one at that).

While Gian Luca is perfectly happy to live in the Village, I couldn’t imagine myself settling in any other Manhattan neighborhood. Hadn’t beep uptown since the Gates exhibit a few years ago, but will have to ride the subway up the next time wanderlust calls.


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