Posted by: lisetta | July 10, 2009

The arrival of pesto

My garden is fabulous this year. The half flat of basil that Patrizia gave me has grown into a field, far faster than I can pick it! Fearful that it’ll go to flower too soon, I’ve been plucking the tops several times a week. Had so much of it this week that I decided to blend it into pesto. I can’t recall a time when I’ve made a batch so early in the season, but I’m sure glad it’s here.

I make it with salt, olive oil, and roasted pine nuts (and no garlic). This time around I blended in some parmigiano reggiano, and served it over Garofalo linguine. Sure wished Carlo were here to try it! He’s gone to Italy for the summer, surely eating meals far more interesting than mine. Perhaps he’ll write in at some point and share a recipe from his grandmother. 🙂

In the meantime, I’m back to my summertime diet of mostly fruits and vegetables. Went to see Food, Inc. tonight, then watched The Future of Food on Hulu. Apart from watching Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan, two authors whose work attracted me long before I realized they were ‘just-my-type’ handsome, the messages bode ill. Seeing images for what I’d read long ago was disturbing, but necessary, I suppose for a change in ways. While I don’t typically eat that much meat anyway, viewing footage from the CAFUs (confined animal feeding units) makes it all the less appealing (at least for now). Check out the trailer for Food, Inc:


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