Posted by: lisetta | July 17, 2009


Tonight I made a bowl of spaghetti, dressed simply with fresh chopped tomato, olive oil, and a bit of grated parmigiano e romano. It was simply delicious. I honestly cannot recall the last time I had chosen spaghetti over fettuccine, pappardelle, linguine, or perciatelle at the grocery store. Wonder why I hadn’t bought it for all this time.  What more could I say about spaghetti, really?

In an effort to beef up the blog post with something of interest, I found this BBC April Fool’s story on ‘spaghetti trees’, aired in 1957. Please click the link and watch it. I promise it’ll make your visit today worthwhile. 🙂



  1. I am a big fan of those fake news stories–esp. when I can fool my students. I had the same thing you ate the other day, except with rotini (and garlic). Still, the combo of fresh tomato and cheese is amazing. I’ve been buying asiago ever since Whole Foods was out of parmesano.

  2. What? Whole Foods is out of parmigiano? Criminal! I really like asiago too. Ann gave me some buffalo mozzarella tonight. I can hardly wait until I get to eat one tomorrow. 🙂

  3. No, just one time they were out of shredded–lazy, I know.

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