Posted by: lisetta | July 19, 2009

Sorbetto di melone

I haven’t actually frozen this sorbetto yet, but the thought of it excites me. Who will I invite over tomorrow to eat it with me?

Sorbetto di melone

Blend a super ripe cantaloupe with the

Juice of one orange and

a basil-infused simple syrup.

The flavors work, in an unexpected kind of way, in its blended form. Wonder what it’ll be like semi-frozen? This is turning out to be the summer of sorbetto.

My garden has gone mad. Zucchini grow mammoth before I can get down there to pick them, and they intentionally hide beneath the gigantic fuzzy leaves. I had a few red tomatoes today, but their bottoms were black, victim of the dreaded blossom end rot. My beets are cramped, unable to grow large. My parsley comingles with clover, and my basil so wants to flower despite my pruning.

I was once quite adept at gardening, mostly because I looked at it every day while eating breakfast on my deck. In my urban life, my garden is out of sight, out of mind for days at a time. It drifts through my thoughts as insignificantly as the thought of a former lover, or the dream of a new one.  Maybe one day I’ll again manage to pay attention.



  1. I’ll take a small serving.

  2. Do you have the clock set differently? I left message at 10:30 but it registered 3:30pm.

  3. Well, today is the 21st so apparently I wasn’t the lucky one…If you ever want to drop by with your homemade sorbetto, you know where I live!

  4. We (Ann, Ben and Rachel) ate the sorbet tonight – and three of the four of us think it isn’t really a winner. The cantaloupe flavor dominated.

    I’d be happy to make you sorbetto anytime. If you lived left of center, you could come for all my impromptu sorbetto tastings!

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