Posted by: lisetta | July 26, 2009


There are no women behind the counter at Claudio’s. I wonder why.

I asked the guy who waited on us if he’d consider opening an outpost in University City, and he just laughed. Under ordinary circumstances, I’d have argued my point with him, but instead I noticed how handsome he was. Funny how a simple smile can change everything.  By the time he wrapped my robiola a few minutes later, my crush was full-blown. It really doesn’t take much. LOL.

Anyway, Claudio’s is this family-owned place that’s been around since the 50’s. Like some of the older immigrant-owned places in the Strip, it serves both wholesale and retail markets.  I like its unpretentious space. They didn’t mind if I took pictures (I asked).




Seriously, though: I’d like an Italian food shop in my neighborhood. We’ve got Indian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, African and Thai. Why not Italian? Cheese from Claudio’s, prepared foods and pastries from Carlino’s, pasta from Talluto’s … and a cooking school in the back, where I can teach people how to make mozzarella and tiramisu. Call these midsummer dreams … I’m desperately seeking something to dream about.



  1. I love Claudio’s – used to go there as a child with my parents.

  2. Next time you’re in my neighborhood….you know where I live!!

  3. Linda, are you a Philly native?
    Lori, I think you were walking in the Wissahickon the day I was in your neighborhood (at least according to my failing memory of your Facebook page)!

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