Posted by: lisetta | August 1, 2009


Consistency is a tough order for big restaurants whose big name chefs rarely appear. Osteria tonight was really not all that good.  The grissini were still delicious, of course, as was the roasted vegetable appetizer, but nothing else I ordered was at all worth the calories. The rabbit was dry and tough, butchered poorly such that bones were in every bite except in the leg. Only the rosemary was reminiscent of the last time I ate rabbit there. The dessert, a thin slice of chocolate cake covering a cup of strawberry gelato, tasted old, as if the flour had gone rancid or it had sat in the freezer for far too long. Truly. I was most disappointed that my early birthday dinner with Gian Luca wasn’t as pleasing as the conversation.

To be fair to the kitchen, he was pleased with his squid ink pasta and cherry tiramisu. I like that they experiment with the classic recipes. I haven’t made a tiramisu in over a year….time to look for imported mascarpone.




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