Posted by: lisetta | August 5, 2009

Robiola all’americana

What to do with my square of robiola, a few slices of potato-rosemary bread and a garden tomato?


Italianized grilled cheese

When Luca called and I told him I was eating robiola, he quickly reminded me that it’s got a very high fat content (at least 25%). As if I cared. Originating in Piemonte and made with cow’s and sheep’s milk, I had originally imagined I’d put it into a risotto or as a filling in some fresh ravioli. Instead, I ate it as a table cheese, and in this American bastardization.

logo-pie Luigi Guffanti makes lots of types of cheeses. Yet another family business, they boast:

Maximum attention to the handcrafted quality of the cheeses and passionate care taken in the refinement process mark the proud Guffanti-Fiori family tradition handed down for five generations.

They’ve got some interesting photo on their website, with images from the production process. Starting with milk from animals which graze in Alpine pastures, they curdle it traditionally, through boiling in large copper pots, placing it in moulds and aging in caves (or spaces with cave-like conditions). While the website claims they avoid machines wherever possible, I’m not sure how they could serve an international market without them.

No matter, really. I was just happy to find this cheese the other day at Claudio’s. I’d like to go visit this place next time I’m in Piemonte (for Christmas, speruma in bin).


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