Posted by: lisetta | August 24, 2009

La grigliata

A grigliata is simply translated as a cookout, or barbecue.

Tonight we had an impromptu one at Patrizia and Boyd’s place out in the exurbs, to celebrate Carlo’s return from his summer in Italy. We started out with some pâté and cheese, moved on to steak and chicken prepped by the Chef and grilled to perfection by Boyd, and balanced with Patizia’s insalata di pomodori with red onion and basilico and roasted potatoes with rosemary, and an insalata mista with whatever the Chef had on hand. Patrizia made a fabulous trifle for dessert; the Chef brought one of his ricotta tarts. This was the first full meal I’d had in weeks! Way too much fun – and way too much food! – for a school night. 🙂

It’s just about a year ago that I first met the Chef and Carlo! Of the many benefits our friendship has brought to my life, one I am grateful about is the eradication of the ‘no new male friends’ maxim I had attempted to adopt last summer.  (Sorry to strawberry Dave and runner Steve, photographer Greg and provost guy whose name I forget.) Friendship comes in all sorts of packages. Why would anyone want to refuse the gift?


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