Posted by: lisetta | September 10, 2009


It may appear as though I’ve abandoned my two year blog experiment, but the sad truth is that my iBook has died. 😦 4.5 years old, its keyboard was worn and processing slow, but it lasted longer than any lover. Goodbye, iBook. I miss you already.

Kind of.  I’ve somewhat enjoyed living my leisure life off the digital grid. I cycle, and continue to hope that physical therapy will lead to recovery from my labral tear. I play in my garden, which – at the end of the season – is just about rid of weeds. I hang out with the Italians and talk on the phone with out-of-town friends. I’d love to head back to Pittsburgh for the G-20 summit,  but doubt I can make it work. I’m the ‘best man’ in a dear friend’s wedding in early October, and worrying a lot more about what the heck I’ll wear (Saturday morning wedding/lunch in NYC) than what I’ll say in a toast. One of these days I’ll get back to writing about the fabulous Italian food I make/eat … provided that I actually start cooking again.

Oh, and the chataranga dandasana is still absolutely unachievable, despite one year of “training”. Sigh.



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