Posted by: lisetta | October 22, 2009


Confessions of an Italophile foodie: I’ve ingested nothing Italian today. Started the day with yoga and lost track of time; ate a Luna bar on the run. Had peanut butter and jelly for lunch, with a mystery apple, plucked from an orchard somewhere in Massachusetts, or Virginia, or wherever else my neighbor Ray picked them up in his travels. Taught Spin tonight and rode home with lights, reminiscing about my partnered past, when dinners were shared along with the news of the day. Uninspired to cook anything requiring effort, I fried an egg and ate it with homemade challah. TMI? Perhaps. A few of you have been asking why the posts have been fewer in recent months.

Reconnected tonight with my longtime friend Francis, who’s been renovating a house in Pittsburgh for far too long. A few hours after some contractors found dog bones in a crawl space, he returned to the house to find it swarming with police and media! Francis’s telling of the tale only made viewing the multiple news reports of the story all the more entertaining. I’d long since forgotten how absurd local TV news media can be! Check it out at:


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