Posted by: lisetta | November 18, 2009

Happy hump day

Every week on Facebook, one or more of my friends wishes everyone a happy hump day. I had no idea that Wednesday was seen as such by so many. (For my Italian readers, hump day simply means the middle of a workweek, Wednesday. Why hump? I guess because it’s like a hill you’re just about to get over.)

In my world, Wednesdays are simply no gym days, when I can socialize freely with friends. Tonight brought Ben, Rachel and Carlo over for a casual ‘family’ dinner. It was the first time they had met! We ate well (no surprise there).

  • Mushroom risotto: 4 types of mushrooms: porcini, shitake, oyster andcrimini. White wine, mushroom broth from bringing the dried porcini back to life, and organic vegetable broth. Two chopped shallots, and rosemary pulverized so as not to evoke suspicion in Rachel’s mouth. (She equates rosemary with licking a Christmas tree.) Shaved parmigiano reggiano (the good stuff that Simo brought).
  • Chicken milanese: with pecorino romano, Greek oregano and herbes de provence in the bread crumbs.
  • Insalata di rucola e spinaci: with a few chopped tomatoes and simple balsamic dressing. I sprinkled anise seeds on it as well.
  • Tiramisu gelato: from Mama Italia brand at Aldi.

It feels so normal to eat dinner in company. Wish I did so more frequently!


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