Posted by: lisetta | November 21, 2009

Spaghetti di farro with butternut squash

Big news: the vegan *does* eat pasta, just not as a regular part of his diet. To celebrate, I invented a fabulous new vegan pasta dish and served it up to him before we went off to see the Tori Ensemble (one of the most interesting and beautiful concerts I’ve seen in years). Quel surprise!

Spaghetti di farro with butternut squash, arugula and pine nuts

Cube a butternut squash and roast it with sliced shallots, fresh thyme, olive oil and salt.

Cook spaghetti di farro (a variety of wheat grain, similar to barley or spelt)

Add cooked squash to the bowl with a few handfuls of uncooked arugula, and another handful of toasted pine nuts.

Skip the parmigiano … but add it to the leftovers you eat the next day. 🙂

This invented pasta dish outshines others I’ve recently created. The slightly sweet squash played well with the nutty pasta; the pine nuts added a layer of texture to what would otherwise be somewhat mushy. The arugula adds a bit of color and a bit of bitterness. It’s all good.

Gian Luca gave me this pasta for my birthday a few months ago. The text on its package reads that its flour is stone milled, that the pasta is extruded through a bronze dye, and then dried at a low temperature, consistent with the production of many artisan pastas.

Farro is an ancient grain, cultivated in Italy and other parts of the Mediterranean/Middle East. I wonder where I can find some in Philadelphia? Maybe I’ll just pick some up ‘dahn’a’Strip when I’m home next week.


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