Posted by: lisetta | December 4, 2009


Of the many things I am thankful for are moments spent with dear friends, in or out of the kitchen. While celebrating Thanksgiving last week in Pittsburgh, I met up with Martin ‘dahn ‘a ‘Strip for some shopping ‘n ‘at. Moments after greeting, we quickly settled on our menu: homemade farro tagliatelle. He bought a brand-new pasta machine from Penn Mac and we head back to his place in Shadyside for a pasta practice session. No matter how many cookbooks, blogs or You Tube videos you watch, the best way to learn how to make homemade pasta is in the kitchen with someone else who’s been doing it for some time. Martin and I have known each other for at least 10 years; I’m not sure how we’d managed *not* to make pasta together before!

Here are some pictures marking the evening’s progression.

Martin with Glögg, in an Italian flag apron I had given him years ago.

Martin's most delicious wedding soup!

All warmed up, with squash roasting and music playing, we started the pasta-making, deciding to film bits for the blog. 🙂

Making the pasta dough with the farro flour was a challenge we tackled as we went along. We learned we needed to mix the farro flour with white flour in order to get the desired elasticity. We added fresh thyme to the third egg of pasta, adding a bit of contrast and flavor to the third egg of pasta. Martin speaks Italian when he cooks, whether or not he’s wearing the flag. How cool is that?

Cutting the pasta after many rolls through Martin's brand new machine.

Our artwork. It tasted as good as it looks here.

We dressed our pasta with roasted butternut squash, thyme, shallots, spinach and pine nuts.

Martin's apricot vlaai for dessert. The perfect ending to a great meal.



  1. […] from Puglia. Both made the impasto (dough) on a large wooden board, using methods much unlike the one I demonstrated for Martin. They start off with a big pile of durum flour, add some salt, and then water, incorporating […]

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