Posted by: lisetta | December 15, 2009

Fiore sardo

I like sheep’s milk cheeses. This one, fiore sardo, comes from Sardegna. I ate it with Ak-Mak whole wheat crackers. Delicious. I am way too lazy to research the cheese *and* synthesize it into my own words, so include here an excerpt from and a very cool video on how it’s made. Thank you, web authors!

Fiore Sardo is a cheese of very ancient origins that predates the Roman conquest of Sardinia. Fiore Sardo is older than Pecorino Romano. Fiore Sardo enjoyed great popularity in the nineteenth century when it was the only cheese to be exported from the island. It was particularly sought after by merchants in Naples and Genoa where it was used in the preparation of pesto.

It is an uncooked hard cheese made from fresh whole sheep’s milk. The cheese ripened in moulds that will give the cheese its characteristic shape. After a brief period in brine, the moulds are lightly smoked and left to ripen in cool cellars in central Sardinia.

The rind varies from deep yellow to dark brown in colour and encases a paste that varies from white to straw-yellow. The sharpness of the flavor depends on the length of maturation.


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