Posted by: lisetta | December 16, 2009


Dear Lord, I’ve created a masterpiece … at least in my own mind.

Behold! My first attempt at farrotto! And it's vegan. Gasp!


Saute gli aromatici (chopped onion, carrot and celery, rosemary, salt) in a bit of olive oil until soft. Add a bit of white wine for flavor.

Wash the pearled farro until the water runs clear, and add it to the aromatici.

Add cubed butternut squash and pre-cooked cannellini beans (soaked and boiled with salt & rosemary)

Cover with vegetable broth and simmer until the farro grains are cooked, about 20 minutes or so. Keep them a bit firm to the bite.

When cooked, add a few handfuls of fresh arugula and stir until wilted.

Drizzle olive oil over the plate before serving.

(Curse the fact that you din’t invite anyone over to share the experiment with you, and do what’s next best:  send text messages to a chef friend to share the good news, then write in the blog. Virtual sharing has its benefits, too.)

Eating a vegan meal now and then is no big deal, especially when it is as delicious as what I created tonight. Last night I went to hear Jonathan Safran Foer talk about his most recent book, Eating Animals, which I’ve been reading slowly. Of the many takeaways from the conversation, the one that resonates most for me is simple: be mindful of the choices you make (and the realities of what you’re buying into if you buy meat in this country).  That’s a fairly simple proposition, right?

In my world, choices are fluid. Who’s to say I won’t put parmigiano on my farrotto tomorrow for lunch? 🙂



  1. Lisa, that looks so delicious!

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