Posted by: lisetta | December 17, 2009

Pre-travel pasta

Am counting down the days until I fly out to Italy…and trying to finish the perishables in my fridge! Got home tonight from my last Spin class of 2009 with few choices and a fairly healthy appetite. Sauteed some fresh shaved fennel with chopped tomatoes until they became a sauce, then added cooked farro spaghetti, handfuls of fresh arugula and pecorino romano. What a nice combo! The carrot fennel salad I had imagined as a contorno never got made.

Shortly after finishing the bowl, I got a first date phone call from one of the men I’ve met online. He asked me what I was doing, and I told him, stunning him into near silence with not only the details of what I had just eaten but that I regularly cook for just myself. He eats fast food and cooks hamburgers and hot dogs. Hmmm. Would any woman find that intriguing? LOL. Strike one, I thought: food incompatibility. Doesn’t he value his health?

Strike two: travel incompatibility. This guy really wants to date someone who’s travelled, but he himself has never travelled outside of the area! He’s a 48 year old Italian-American who’d like to go to Italy one day, but spoke more enthusiastically about a future cruise to the Caribbean. When he asked me directly if I’d like to go on one, echoes of girlfriends rang in my head: “Lisa, you don’t have to tell the whole truth. Stop disagreeing with men ~ or at least wait until they already like you.” I then managed to squeeze out a positive response, telling him that because I find exploring new places so engaging, I’d never thought seriously about a cruise. Sure, any vacation with the right person is worthwhile. Mmm hmm.

Midlife dating holds many puzzles, for sure. I haven’t eaten a hamburger in 2 years, will likely not choose to eat one in any near future, and have no desire to ride around on a boat for 5 days. Who says, though, that any of that matters?



  1. Stay true to yourself. Sounds like a guy you wouldn’t want to be with long term. When are you leaving for Italy? lucky you. Have a great trip and a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Thanks, Linda. Am leaving in four days, on the 22nd. Am indeed feeling lucky! 🙂

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