Posted by: lisetta | December 26, 2009

Pranzo di Chicca

This morning Alberto and Carla went off to the seaside. Chicca was in charge of lunch: spaghetti with pesto for the primo, mozzarela di bufala for il secondo and a green beans contorno. Brava!

The flavors of simple foods always strike me when I come to Italy. All she did was saute the green beans until some were slightly browned, and they were delicious! The little mozzarelle di bufala were perfect. The pasta gragnano too. I can try as I might to recreate these kinds of meals at home, but, in the end, I know that while locally grown organic foods are indeed superior, much of their magic is in the company. Why does food always taste better when eaten with people you love?

Tomorrow I’m heading south to Puglia, where I’ll not only get to hang out with one of my favorite friends, but also meet his family. Am hoping to spend some time in the kitchen with his grandmother, learning to cook a few specialità pugliese. While I can try as I might to recreate what I learn when I come back to Piemonte in about a week, I promise to arrange a collaborative attempt to recreate  le specialità pugliese for friends back inthe States as well. 🙂



  1. ohhh, I hope that means me!! (the part about cooking here) glad you’re having fun!

  2. I have been cooking light – dreaming of Italy. Sauteeing greens with a bit of garlic and throwing pasta in the mix. The more I discover about Italian cooking, the more I realize it’s about letting the ingredients shine.

    Birds are chirping and happy.

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