Posted by: lisetta | January 5, 2010

Olive taggiasche

Another great day in Italy. Started with a pilgrimage to Pinerolo (and the new Eataly there, which I’ll write about soon) and ended with my favorites: pasta with zucchine, and rabbit.

Carla made the rabbit with taggiasche olives from Liguria. Like just about everything I’ve eaten here for the past few weeks, its preparation was most simple.  She chopped some shallots and sauteed them in olive oil, then lightly floured the rabbit and browned it in the pan. She added some white wine and cooked the rabbit until done (about 45 minutes?) then added the olives and cooked another 10-15 minutes.  Perfect! Coniglio in umido alla ligure: a new way to prepare rabbit (which I rarely actually make, but always like eating).

The olives, though tiny, were really delicious! Taggiasche olives are grown in Liguria, on the hills of the Italian Riviera, mostly in the provincia di Imperia.  The yellowish extra virgin olive oil made from these olives merits a DOP (di origine protetta) status.

I’m not sure I can find these olives in Philadelphia; wonder if the more plentiful niçoise olive from Provence might work as well? Actually, as I sit here in Italy dreaming up a dinner party, I realize that I may not know many people who’d actually eat rabbit.  LOL. Pazienza!


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