Posted by: lisetta | January 20, 2010

An anonymous source

I have no cooking story of my own, but one of a pasta dish created by “an anonymous source”. I did not taste the pasta myself, but trust that it was delicious. Here’s the recipe, more or less as dictated.

Anna Pasta radiatore with fava bean, roasted tomatoes and thyme

Grow your own cherry and grape tomatoes and lament that you can’t eat them all in the high season. Figure out that you can roast and preserve them in the freezer for winter months. Take some out of the freezer and saute them in a bit of olive oil until “just smashable”, that is, until they cook a bit but still have a bite.

Boil the fava beans, remove their outer skin, and add them to the tomatoes. Add thyme and a pinch of salt.

Add cooked radiatore to the pan and call it a meal. Wonder whether parmigiano would go with it, and decide that it would not (much to curiosity of the one actually writing the blog post).

The anonymous source uses Anna Pasta, from Cento brands. According to the Cento website:

Anna Pasta is produced and packed in Italy, where they continue to follow age old traditional methods for quality pasta production. Pure water and 100% durum wheat semolina are the basic ingredients responsible for Anna’s high quality and consistency in taste, color and cooking time. This also guarantees that Anna Pasta always cooks “al dente:” or firm in shape and rich in texture.

The anonymous source has given me a bag of Anna Pasta to try, testing my long held beliefs that Garofalo and DeCecco pastas are the best. We’ll see what happens with that …


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