Posted by: lisetta | January 26, 2010

Strozzapreti Latini with pesto di agrumi

I haven’t really been cooking anything interesting lately, so I decided to go over to my favorite Italian restaurant and chat with the chefs. Learned about an interesting variation on pesto, made with basil, thyme, marjoram, citrus zest, pistachios and almonds. Its familiarity was illusory – only after several bites did I start to understand its flavors. While interesting, I wouldn’t want to eat a whole plate of pasta with it. They served it with bits of swordfish over strozzapreti pasta.

Not sure what I think about it, but was intrigued to find the recipe for his dish on an Italian-language site named Mangiare Bene! Coincidence? LOL. The recipe comes from Andrea Provenzani, the chef at Il Liberty, a restaurant in Milano. He creates new recipes every month, and publishes some of them on his site. I like the sound of that. Wonder if I could persuade this restaurant to do the same?


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