Posted by: lisetta | February 5, 2010


Snow’s falling in Philadelphia. Cars are few; pedestrians display their distance in shawls of snow. Silence triumphs. My absolutely hellish work week slipped into oblivion on my walk home tonight; I love these city moments more than any other.

Warm heat. Music. Birds. Not much in the fridge. Some frozen peas and green beans. Sigh. No will to create a meal. Had a simple mozzarella sandwich on rosemary bread for dinner, and got to thinking about how quickly I’ve slipped out of my Italian eating habits and into my solitary routines. Pazienza.

I enjoy visiting grocery stores while I’m travelling overseas. I liked these cases of frozen vegetables in one of the Italian supermarkets I visited.

Frozen vegetables at an Italian supermarket. You have to all someone who works there to grab the food. No self-service!

More frozen stuff. See those grilled zucchini and grilled peppers?


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