Posted by: lisetta | February 11, 2010


Record snowfall in Philadelphia this week: 28.5 inches on Saturday, and another 15 yesterday. Bellissima! You’d think my inner foodie would be thrilled to stay home and practice pasta-making, bread-making, etc. Instead, all I want to do is go out! Ben and Rachel took me to lunch today at Tampopo:

Rachel's bento box

Ben's udon noodles

My brown rice bowl with tofu and vegetables

A University City intersection.

Trees protected from the winds, on Pine St.

My car. It's rarely looked so good. 🙂

A loaf of challah is in the oven as I type, and butter is softening on the counter for cookies I’ll bring to neighbors. My Blackberry and Skype accounts have me connected to friends. Life is good, even without Italian food.


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