Posted by: lisetta | February 12, 2010

More pasta shop thoughts

I got an email today from a venture capitalist seeking to learn more about a project I’ve been working on for the past year. Seems they may want to encourage their companies to consider our model, which has begun to gain national recognition. Pretty cool, I thought, but my back burner is still simmering pasta shop thoughts. Now, would I want to grow my pasta shop into a national franchise? Surely some of the financial wizards I know could work out the details. Hmmm.

While strolling the narrow streets of Otranto last month, we came across a pasta shop of different sorts than the one I featured yesterday. This one sold all kinds of local specialties, and plenty of common shapes that any Italian – and most foreigners – would recognize. Here are a few pictures:

From the sidewalk, we came across what looked to be an interesting little shop.

A peek inside reveals more than just pasta on the shelves.

Whoah! Total visual overload, don't you think? My shop would have modern sensibilities, and a space for inventory unseen by customers (unless they're curious to come 'round back).

The secret: one shape gets two or three varieties. The farfalle here are sold with squid ink, tomato and -drumroll please - plain durum.. I hereby declare Fridays to be the day for farfalle. Farfalle Fridays have a nice ring, don't you think?

This model has its charms, I suppose. Perhaps my shop could be a pasta aggregator, showcasing small producers from all over Italy, or the States, or the world for that matter? I could still do community outreach and/or cooking classes. Hmmm.

This line of brainstorming doesn’t capture my interest.  I’d much rather channel my creative energies towards the creation of artisan pasta.  I could vacuum pack anything that didn’t sell for the day, and sell it from a freezer case at a reduced cost, or turn myself into a non-profit and donate what’s left to a local food kitchen. How often do the homeless get anything other than what’s cheap and easy?

Tomorrow afternoon I will again attempt orecchiette. I clearly need something to do with my hands.



  1. I love these photos! Nice post and I’ll be checking back!

  2. Check out this on line store for pasta
    The closest market is Glen Mills. I dream one will replace Fresh Grocer

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