Posted by: lisetta | February 27, 2010

Panelle, sort of

When I worked with the Sicilians back in the mid-nineties, they spoke of panelle – chickpea fritters – as if they were an elixir of the gods. Making them was super simple: cook chickpea flour as you would a polenta, with some chopped parsley in it, then roll it out and cut it into squares you then fry in olive oil. I remember liking them, but thinking that the Palermitani eating them were enjoying them far more than the few Americans were, mostly out of nostalgia for their home.

Tonight I thought I’d give them a try, but got a bit lazy and decided to take a shortcut that played on the theme. At the advice of my friends Eric and Rich, I made tortillitas,  simple chickpea pancakes with shrimp.

These make for a fabulous post-workout meal!! I followed Mark Bittman’s recipe. You can read all about his take on them and watch a video of how they’re made here. When I look back at the way he did them, I see he included lots more seafood. I imagine I’ll be making these this summer with herbs from my garden. 🙂



  1. YUM – I watched that video and bookmarked this post. These look and sound delicious and I’m with you about using summer garden herbs to whip them up in a jiff. Great find, Lisetta!

  2. Vickie! What a strange coincidence! I made these for dinner tonight….was about to write a post about them when I remembered that I had already written it last year!

    • LOL – maybe not that big a coincidence. Did you pull up the post for the link or something? It showed up in my reader as a new post, so you may have clicked the publish button. The only reason I suspect that, is because I’ve done it. Lucky accident for me, right? 🙂

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