Posted by: lisetta | February 28, 2010


I bought myself a fabulous gift today! Ta-da!

My brand-spanking new pastry board, from Fante's! Made right here in the US of A, of red maple wood, 28x22.5 inches.

I was too busy running around all day to actually *make* anything on it, but I will use it next weekend, for sure. I’ve got three vacation days the following week; I see pasta-making in my near future.

So, with all the blizzards the past few weeks, I’ve been more or less stuck in my neighborhood for groceries, much to my dismay.  The Fresh Grocer, one of the two grocery stores near the Penn campus, was required to close last week by court order. Why? It had failed multiple health inspections for mice infestation and improper storage. This story was not at all surprising given the generally incompetent employees there (except for the Moroccan pizzaiolo and the African American fishmonger who are always friendly). I do my best to avoid the place, but occasionally stop by while walking home from work.

The Supreme, a supermarket several blocks further west, smells bad *and* has terribly rude clerks, but as far as I know, has never been shut down by the Dept. of Public Health. I’d avoided that place for quite some time, but have wandered its aisles twice this month and found it to be somewhat interesting. They carry some unusual products targeted towards the immigrant populations in the area. While I don’t know what most of the things are, wondering how I’d use plantain or barley flour at least engages the imagination.

This morning I gave up my yoga routine and drove out to Wegman’s for a different sort of self-care. Only 20 minutes door-to-door when no one else is on the road. My reward? One of the best produce selections around, and an almond croissant. I will recover from a few weeks of mediocre food after all.

Roasted butternut squash with thyme and cipolline

Potato-artichoke gratin, with some parmigiano reggiano. Can't wait to eat this tomorrow! Artichokes are $.75 each at Wegman's. I can't believe I paid $5 for the dead one earlier this week. Utter madness.

I also made gluten-free mystery cookies, which I shared with Ray and my chef friends. Perhaps I’ll write more on that tomorrow, once the reviews come in … Farewell February!



  1. I’m heading to Wegman’s for some artichokes. That’s a great price. And I love that new pasta board.

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