Posted by: lisetta | March 8, 2010

La pizzata with the boys

Two or three times a year, my favorite chef decides to cook at home and invites a few of his friends over. Though I am indeed privileged to be counted among the few,  I kind of get jealous when the food is so good *outside* of his professional kitchen. It doesn’t last for long, though. How could it? If a man cooks for me, I am happy. If I get to sit at the table with 4 handsome Italian men, I’m even happier. Grazie mille, ragazzi.

Tonight the chef made chicken wings with vinegar, oil, rosemary and a bit of cilantro powder, a great salad with endive, radicchio and frisee, and pizze: with tomato, capers and anchovy, with tomatoes and mozzarella, and with fried salt pork, onion, cheese and eggs. I didn’t try the third type, but got a doggie bag for lunch tomorrow.  Yoo hoo!

He uses fresh yeast in his dough, making first a biga, and lets it rise, double and rise twice before cooking. I like the dough, but also enjoy the simpler one I make with Bittman’s recipe. I feel like I should learn how to make doughs with the biga starter, though. If you’re friends with a chef, you might as well get out of it some specialized knowledge, no? I have been trying, to no avail, to convince him to let me apprentice in his kitchen when I have some vacation days, but he refuses. According to him, my days as a line and prep cook in a vegan macrobiotic cafe don’t count. Ha. I have a staycation this week; would have liked to spend a day at the restaurant. Maybe in April. I always do get what I want, after all.


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