Posted by: lisetta | March 11, 2010


Staycation bliss continues: yoga, Spin, a fun date with a handsome business owner, a perfect baguette and sheep milk cheese. Simple pleasures are all I seek.

We’ve got a new spot in town that promotes these pleasures: Garces Trading Company. I checked it out with Joey and Carlo the other day, and want to call it my new favorite. It is *exactly* what this city needed, in my humblest opinion. If you’re a foodie, you’re certain to find one or more of your favorites as well as a thing or two to explore. If you’re not, you’re enticed to become one with free samples of olive oils and super friendly staff who engage you in conversation about the products. Its casual convivial atmosphere welcomes any and all, without pretense. I love it.

Photo grabbed from Formaggio Kitchen

While admiring the cheese selection, Carlo commented that he liked manchego, which I think is boring. I mentioned zamorrano, and the cheese nerd behind the counter encouraged me to try ombra. We weren’t even talking to him! I did, and he was right. We struck up a conversation about sheep milk cheese and the next thing you know, he’d sold me an $8 piece. What is this ombra, anyway?

An aged sheep milk cheese from Catalonia, Spain, with an untreated rind. Janet Fletcher, cheese writer extraordinaire, explains more in her article in the I ate it both with and without a baguette and a slice of rosemary bread. Yum! Who says you can’t travel in your ‘hometown’?



  1. The shop sounds great. I am a complete sucker for cheese, and wish I knew more. Thanks for the enlightening me about a new one!

  2. You’re welcome! I’m the same: love trying new cheeses. I hope you can find it where you live. đŸ™‚

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