Posted by: lisetta | March 13, 2010

Of Geese and Men

Hung out with a group of folks at L’Oca tonight, and found that I preferred to be at the counter watching the chefs in action than at the table socializing with people. What a total nerd. Expediting is the most interesting restaurant position, imho. At one point, the three chefs were sending out 14 entrees at the same time. Fascinating! Right when it got *really* interesting, Luca told me to go away. For reasons unclear to me, he doesn’t like people watching him cook…in his *open* kitchen! LOL.

Our meal was fabulous, as always. We started with bruschetta with sliced house-cured pancetta, drizzled with honey. So sweet and flavorful. Then he sent out canederli, which are small bread dumplings with speck and parmigiano, served with noisette butter and crispy sage. His risotto tonight was served with fontina from Val d’Aosta. It was a bit too soft and a bit too cheesy for me; he made fun of me for believing it also contained sweet gorgonzola. Pazienza!

Carlo and I ordered his signature trofie with mushrooms dish as a primo, then I continued with the sella di coniglio: a boneless rabbit loin braised in milk, stuffed with spinach and Marzolino cheese. They pan sear it and then bake it in a besciamella. It is truly delicious. I can’t believe how much we managed to eat.

Very creative cooking going on at L’Oca. After the recent busts at Amis and Salento, it was nice to return ‘home’ to Luca’s kitchen. I shared my Pio Cesare barbera. It was a good night. Grazie a tutti!


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