Posted by: lisetta | March 21, 2010

La pizzata

My contribution was a simple appetizer: steamed asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. Whole Foods did *not*have imported prosciutto (!), so I got the American one. It tasted metallic, with little flavor, so we sprinkled the dish with pepper and shaved lemon zest. A perfect save.

Ten people, five types of pizza. I sliced my finger as I was cutting the dough and went down for the count, only able to direct my friend’s efforts. I was disappointed not to stretch and shape the pies. Drat! The pizza margherita was the best, I think. It came with a twist: shaved lemon zest. Very interesting addition to a classic, inspired by Jose Garces. We also made one with potato and rosemary, another with artichokes and pancetta, one with mushrooms and arugula, and one with tuna and olives. No space for the eggplant parmigiana or salad with mango and goat cheese.

One of the friends brought a beautiful fruit salad with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries; another brought three containers of Capogiro gelato (!) and a spicy strawberry sauce made with pepper, wine and cinnamon. Oh dear. Dare I say that this was my favorite part of the meal?

My garden is two thirds of the way ready for planting, on DAY ONE of spring. So exciting! I’m so proud of myself, despite the blistered hand and tired shoulders. I’ve got three types of tomatoes, golden beets, butternut squash, fennel, zucchine, chickory, wild arugula and lots of herbs. Can’t wait to get it started!



  1. Wow, the food sounds fantastic! Asparagus with prosciutto and lemon zest sounds incredibly good. I’d love to have a taste of the gelato and spicy strawberry sauce – I always go for spicy.

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