Posted by: lisetta | March 27, 2010


Spoiler: no Italian food stories here. I’ve got a poll, a video and photos though. 🙂

On evenings like tonight, I totally love living in the city. I ate Lebanese food tonight before heading over to the Kimmel Center to hear fabulous Latin jazz vocalist Claudia Acuña paying tribute to Billie Holiday (who was born in Phialdelphia).  As we were leaving the theater after the crowds, we chatted with two of the performers who were outside having a smoke. I had a crush on the handsome drummer the entire show, so standing next to him in the ‘real’ world both emptied my rational mind and brought out the biggest smile I’ve mustered since spring has sprung. I murmured something about being totally enthralled by their performance and asked the drummer about how he did it in “that number where he was sitting on a box he was playing with one hand while drumming with a drumstick in the other”. He said it’s best when you drink a lot of alcohol before the performance, then went on to explain how African slaves used to play the cajon drums in the absence of their native ones. Fascinating! He touched my arm as Latin men do. Sigh.

I got into a funny conversation with my friend and told him I’d take a poll. Please answer.

The video:

The photos: of the Kimmel Center, taken about 5 years ago when I was working with the architects. We’d go around to different locations of interest and they’d try and teach me how to view the spaces through their professional eyes. I totally loved the way that they both viewed and photographed spaces. I took dozens of crappy photos with my point and shoot that day; here are a few that they liked.



  1. Wow – beautiful post! I’m partial to musicians and smiled about your encounter with the latin drummer. I loved the video, photos and even voted in the poll. I have never listened to Claudia Acuna sing, but will be sampling some of her music this weekend – thanks for sharing!

  2. What beautiful pictures! Lisetta, you are great!

  3. What a great space! I love the height and drama of it. And those views! Would love to just take my laptop and sit and do my work there for an afternoon. I imagine that space would inspire lofty thoughts. 🙂

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