Posted by: lisetta | April 5, 2010

Simple stuff

I taught a high intensity Spin class tonight. Lots of peak effort in the anaerobic zone; a “race day” as they say. I rarely do this sort of ride, mostly because I don’t like how I feel afterwards: depleted, frustrated, unnerved. The young students love it, though, so every so often I do it for them! I pedaled home cursing the fact that I didn’t go grocery shopping this weekend. Whatever I’d be eating would have to come from what I had on hand, and it wouldn’t be very green.

Pantry items

I picked these up on my last trip to Wegman’s. The tomatoes were on sale for $.49. Who could resist that price? Have been buying $3-4 Pomi chopped tomatoes for so many years now, I didn’t know what to expect. Am pleasantly surprised. These canned tomatoes taste like tomatoes! Hurray! I made a sauce with onion, tomato and black olive tapenade. Fairly simple stuff.

The pasta gets a double thumbs down, however. Its gritty texture lacks the bite of semolina durum pasta. Too bad. I ate it, but out of hunger only. While I’ve found other whole grain pastas I like, instead of enjoying my meal, I found myself wondering who I should give the rest of the box to. Perhaps I can take the box to my office? Whatever one places on the kitchen table there disappears. Not everyone cares so deeply about the taste and texture of the pasta they eat.



  1. Funny how that works – the office is my “dumping ground” for stuff that will just go to waste (or to “waiste”). I swear they’ll eat anything. 🙂
    And good for you teaching a class of any variety. I am strictly an attendee, but I love the instructors!

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