Posted by: lisetta | April 13, 2010

Coniglio di Alain

After taking care of some financial details in Center City this afternoon, Alain and I stopped by Reading Terminal Market as tourists and left with a fresh rabbit from a local poultry farm, herbs, a sourdough baguette and a pound of strawberries. So much for taking him out to eat! I cook pasta, Alain cooks rabbit. That’s the way it’s gone for a quite a few years now. I guess the home food idea was more powerful for us both.

I managed to persuade him to talk through two small steps on camera:

Just the way I use garlic: as a secondary flavor in the oil, not as a primary flavor of the dish. He peeled and split several cloves of garlic here and basically poached them in the hot oil for a few minutes, until they just started to turn brown. He removed them and told me he’d add them later, but I don’t think they ever made it back into the pot (which was fine by me!). Check him out when it was time to add the rabbit:

I’m not really sure which herbs he put in there, but they included fresh rosemary and thyme, szechuan pepper, anise, Left to sear in the pot until browned (5-10 minutes), he removed it briefly, then added onion, carrots, celery, chopped tomatoes and sunchokes to the pot and stirred until coated. The rabbit returned to the pan and it cooked and cooked for about an hour and a half. Isn’t it lovely?

Our meal included this delicious rabbit, a salad and a fruit salad for dessert. About halfway through the meal, I offered to take him to Capogiro for a gelato dessert, but our fresh strawberries and pineapple held greater appeal. Who cares if we didn’t see the Philadelphia Museum of Art, drive to the shore, eat at my favorite restaurants or walk around Rittenhouse Square? In the end, when you’re with friends, it doesn’t really matter much *what* you are doing together. Just ‘being’ in each other’s company is good enough.



  1. I completely agree about a friend’s company. Sometimes it’s better not to clutter up friend-time with so many activites that you can’t share quality time . . . like preparing a delicious meal together.

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