Posted by: lisetta | April 18, 2010

Vento d’Estate

Got up early for a Sunday morning trip to Wegman’s and ‘discovered’ an Italian cheese I hadn’t tried before: Vento d’Estate (summer wind). Wondered what my cheese guru, Janet Fletcher, had to say about it and learn that it is a sharp cow’s milk cheese aged in hay and produced near Treviso (in Veneto, Italy’s northeast corner). The company ‘invented’ the cheese about 10 years ago.  She says it’s got quite an American following; it tasted, to me, like an herbaceous version of fontinella, a  sharp cheese my father used to like. While it’s nothing like the sheep’s milk cheeses I prefer these days, I give it a thumbs up.

Alain is missing his family. His three and a half year old son, Lino, wants him to bring back un bison (a buffalo). While we haven’t seen any stuffed animals of buffalo, we did see a round of cheese with a buffalo on the label. Here are a few shots Lino can see, knowing that his father is, indeed, searching for un bison while he is stranded in the States.


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