Posted by: lisetta | May 21, 2010

Lemon verbena gelato

A few years ago I dreamed and dreamed about Capogiro coming to my neighborhood. Last weekend when I took my out of town visitors there, I didn’t even bother getting anything for myself. The flavors had become boring. Why waste the calories? I mean, I like dark chocolate and Thai coconut as much as anyone, but nothing held appeal in the creative domain. What has happened to rosemary goat cheese, lemon basil, pineapple sage, or lavender straciatella, flavors that put Capogiro on the gourmand’s map? More importantly, what has happened to gianduja? Why have Nutella and Bacio taken their place? Boo.

Tonight held a most pleasant surprise: lemon verbena, one of my favorite all-time flavors. I discovered ‘vervaine‘ in France, finding it to be a soothing nightcap and a morning pleasure. My former Moroccan boyfriend used to add it – and a handful of mountain herbs – to black tea. I always have it on hand, but have never used it in anything but tea. Next time I make something sweet, perhaps I’ll try adding some?



  1. may be the penn demographic leads to boring food

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