Posted by: lisetta | May 23, 2010


I spent part of the afternoon in West Chester today, seeing some very interesting little restaurants and wondering how it is that I could call that town my home. 🙂 Of the many finds was a store called A Taste of Olive. From their website:

A Taste of Olive has created an innovative concept, where our customers have the opportunity to experience the finest award-winning 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils, whole fruit and herb fused olive oils, and balsamic vinegars from select artisans around the world.

Our oils are grown and pressed by artisans and small farmers, in Italy, Greece, Spain, Australia, Chile, California, Morocco and Tunisia. Most of our balsamic vinegars are harvested in Modena, Italy and are aged up to 18 years. We want our customers to share the concept of incorporating, a more flavorful and healthy cuisine, into their way of life.

In a charming shop in downtown West Chester, we encourage our customers to sample all of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars before actually making a purchase. The walls of our shop are lined with large, stainless steel drums known as a fusti which supply the unique flavors of oils and vinegars.

Our customers are encouraged to savor each and every flavor until they find their own favorite. All of our oil and vinegar bottles are then filled, corked and sealed in the shop, to ensure guaranteed freshness.

The words on the website ring true to the experience. We tasted many interesting flavors. Of the oils, I liked best the picholine from France, and the walnut oil from California. They had flavored vinegars such as pomegranate and tangerine blended with white or brown balsamic. Gourmet jams, sauces, and spices line the store’s perimeter, honeys and salts in the inner aisle. The women working there were full of ideas and friendliness. I entertained fancies of chucking the city life and living in the suburbs with my lover, exploring the flavors and tastes country living provides…or hosting a party there with Philadelphia friends who’d at least enjoy the taste experience.

They were selling 12 oz. packs of dried pasta for $7.50. While the idea clashes with my ‘food for the people’ values, I was most intrigued with the pasta company’s marketing. I’ll write more about the company soon. Am too tired from an adventurous day to spend time Googling my way to deeper opinions….and can’t help but wonder if my pasta-making business idea is ready to percolate into something real? Today’s a day chock full of dreamy dreams.



  1. How cool! Last time we were in Pittsburgh, Bob & I had dinner with Jack & Kate, and they were telling us about tasting olive oils in San Diego and what a revelation it was. Ever since, I’ve been longing to find a place near Richmond where we could do this. It wouldn’t be quite the same as their experience (they were tasting oils grown right there), but still would be really cool to get to compare a bunch of oils side by side.

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