Posted by: lisetta | June 16, 2010

Gelato dinner

After work today I hopped on the subway and headed to Center City with a mission: dress a man whose sense of style lingers only in the t-shirt and jeans genre. He needed something a  bit more stylish for a date. While he rejected many of my nontraditional choices, he did end up buying only pieces I had found. Who knew such a simple act of friendship could be so deeply satisfying?

Afterwards, we took a troll down 13th street to see what sorts of delicious flavors Capogiro had. Rosemary goat cheese appeared! So did lavender! So did avocado. There was a raspberry lambic beer flavor and a bourbon caramel. How delightfully difficult the choice became.

My friend chose to get a medium sized cup with three flavors, and I followed suit. Note to self: that is way too much gelato! The greatest pleasures are only in the first few bites. I’ve officially overdosed.

The friendly clerk and I chatted about how I think the University City store never has anything interesting. She told me that she thought the Rittenhouse store had the most interesting flavors. LOL. I guess many of us see the grass as greener wherever we’re not. Or perhaps we’re always bound to be disappointed when we’re always looking for unusual varieties?



  1. Lavendar gelato sounds amazing . . . well they all do. How would you ever make up your mind? I’d have to pay a few (dozen) visits to this establishment for “scientific” research. 🙂

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