Posted by: lisetta | July 14, 2010

Garden surprises

I started out  my garden this summer with high hopes, but city birds kept stealing my seeds. Wild arugula? Nope. Fennel? Nope. Swiss chard? Only one plant. My zucchini took 3 attempts. The butternut squash one. The chioggia and golden beets, two. I’ve only got about 8 basil plants. My tomatoes started strong but are slowly suffering blossom end rot. At least the other herbs are doing well.

Tonight I stopped by the garden expecting to find only weeds after all this rain. Instead I filled my purse with few handfuls of cherry tomatoes, a dozen mid-sized red ones, one yellow one and lots of arugula. Che bello!

Too bad I stopped by *after* dinner with Ben and Rachel. I can’t wait to make my favorite summertime pasta tomorrow night after Spin: spaghetti with arugula, tomato and goat cheese. A dish from the past. Can’t believe it’s actually been 9 years since I’ve made this pasta dish with my own garden’s harvest.


  1. What a fun find – and love the visula of filling your purse with tomatoes. This is my first year to try arugula and (yipee) it loves the climate here! Arugula is sort of new to me, and I find myself munching on it everytime I check my garden. I love it raw and am discovering delicious ways to eat it cooked. Would you mind posting your recipe or emailing it when you make your dish?
    P.S. I love, love, love cooking from my garden!

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