Posted by: lisetta | July 22, 2010

Swiss chard frittata

The other night I was chatting with some neighbors in my garden and complaining that only one of my swiss chard seeds became a plant (yellow stems) and they offered me some of theirs, which was more abundant than the two of them could eat. I grabbed a few leaves, asked the garden consigliere for advice on how to use it, and decided on a frittata. While I did, in fact, get the farmer’s market as he suggested, I did not at all remember that I had been thinking of getting the potatoes he suggested. (I was seduced by a musk melon that has now perfumed my entire apartment.) I typically heed the consigliere’s advice only partially, and only after he’s told me three or four times. LOL.

Anyway, I woke up this morning with the desire to make said frittata before work so that it could be here when I return this evening from my double Spin class. Here it is:

I made this plate back in the day when I hung out at a potter's studio.

Making it was simple. I chopped some sweet onion,  swiss chard and wild arugula, and sauteed it all in a bit of olive oil. To three beaten eggs, I added some grated parmigiano, an ounce or so of smoked mozzarella and some cracked black pepper. Will the combo work? I’ll soon find out.

I often spend time in the kitchen in the morning, whether it’s cutting up fruit for my most typical morning breakfast with yogurt and granola, or making lunch, which is typically a salad or a rice and beans dish of sorts. Hello Thursday!



  1. Overly blessed with chard these days – great idea! (and I love your bowl!)

  2. Thanks! Has it gotten very hot in Montana? We’ve had some major heat waves here, and birds kept eating my seeds. My take on my low yield is that it’s simply too hot now. What do you do with it?

  3. We are finally getting the summer heat – though it’s just for a few hours each day. The days are long – about 16 hours right now- but the nights are quite cool. Our temperature range is about 49 – 85. Chard, arugula & lettuce just happen to love this climate. Last night I made a large wok of stir fried chard, arugula, zuchini, peppers, onion and garlic and served it over rice. I garnished it with crumbled bacon (living large) then laced mine with Siracha and enjoyed the crazy heat. 🙂

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