Posted by: lisetta | July 26, 2010

Ciao Bella

Damn you, Ciao Bella sorbet. Do you have to be so irresistible? What with your all-natural flavors, your vitamin C and low calorie count, you might just make a gal fall in love.

Paradiso. The perfect respite from summer heat.

New York City holds many pleasures. Thank goodness some of them make it out into the real world. From Ciao Bella’s website:

Fondly called “America’s gelato”, Ciao Bella began in New York’s Little Italy and has been tempting tastebuds since 1983.
Crafted like no other, Ciao Bella’s indulgent collection of gelato and sorbet creates moments of happiness everywhere with an unparalleled, incredibly unique dessert experience. We simply rely on a chef inspired blend of pure, naturally intense ingredients and a passion for evoking pleasure and delight in every frozen bite.
Offering unique and intense flavors, like Blood Orange Sorbet and Key Lime Graham Gelato, Ciao Bella uses only the most pure ingredients, resulting in frozen specialties that embody both classic Italy and modern America. The brand has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, AOL’s home page, and has won fifteen (15) NAST sofi™ gold awards for its captivating and mouthwatering creations.
The executive chef, Danilo Zecchin, is from Torino. He rides his bike around. Sounds like someone I’d love to meet. Perhaps Chicca and I will visit when we’re in NYC next week?

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