Posted by: lisetta | August 3, 2010

Vacanze d’agosto!

After  months of a somewhat stressful work life in a context of transition, I’ve finally arrived at vacation! Woke up this morning to yoga practice and time in my garden and a day that was all mine. Decided to get a haircut and challenge my core in Pilates, but learned that my gym has cancelled all the Pilates classes in August. Help!!

What to do when the flurry of stress hormones strike? Cook! I sauteed some vegetables from my garden and poached a piece of corvina fish in them. Behold the perfect summertime lunch at home:

Blaine joined me for dinner tonight. I made him spaghetti with arugula and tomatoes from my garden and a beautiful summer salad with tomatoes, sweet onion, cucumber, yellow pepper and basil:

Eating well these days. Mostly vegetarian. Mostly simple. My Italian sister Chicca is arriving from Milano tomorrow night!! We’ll tour Philly, head down to the shore, and hang out a few days in NYC. I’m so excited to share my East Coast life with her for a few days. 🙂


  1. This looks delicious – and how fun to have a vacation with your sister in NYC. Have a great vacation!

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