Posted by: lisetta | September 15, 2010

Risotto integrale

While visiting Pittsburgh in July, I stopped by the Uncommon Market, a small food store near my mom’s house in the South Hills suburbs. Of the many interesting items on their shelves, I came across a bag of brown arborio rice, which I had never seen before. I cooked it up tonight for Blaine in a dish that merits another try:

Risotto integrale ai finocchi

Saute sweet onion in olive oil with some chopped rosemary.

Add chopped fennel and carrots.

Add brown arborio rice, coating the grains with oil.

Add copious amounts of white wine and cook until absorbed.

Add water, salt and pepper and and cook forever….seriously. At some point in there, add some chopped butternut squash and saffron threads. Add some fresh parsley towards the end.

Making brown rice risotto takes A LOT of time, and it doesn’t turn out as creamy as a carnaroli risotto. Be forewarned if you try this at home, and just think about the extra nutritional benefits you get.

The results were delicious. My handsome dinner guest agreed. Whew!


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