Posted by: lisetta | October 31, 2010

“I-tie” food

I’m spending the evening with a film I’ve always wanted to see: Breaking Away. Released in 1979, it’s a story of a small town teen obsessed with cycling and Italian. His working-class father doesn’t get it. I’m only 30 minutes in, but a hilarious moment of synchronicity compels me to stop eating my dinner and write here. Here’s the scene’s transcript:

(In the dining room, the wife is sitting at the table and the husband is standing over his plate.)

Husband: What is this?

Wife: It’s, um, sauteed zucchini.

Husband: It’s I-tie food!I don’t want no I-tie food.

Wife: It’s not. I -uh – I got it at the A&P. It’s like – uh-  squash.

Husband: I know I-tie food when I hear it. It’s all them ini foods: zucchini and linguini and fettucini. I want some American food, dammit. I want french fries.

Cat meows

Wife: Oh get off the table, Fellini

Husband: That’s my cat! Name is Jake, not Fellini. I won’t have any ini in this house. (Turns to the cat) Your name is Jake, you understand?

Cat meows

Here’s what I was eating while watching the scene:

Baked zucchini gratin

I’d mandolined some zucchine, and layered it in a baking pan with romano and parmigiano cheese, fresh basil and parsley (from my garden, which is still growing, believe it or not), and two beaten eggs. I baked it at 375 for 20-30 minutes and called it a homecoming meal. Since starting my new job in New York City, I really haven’t been cooking all that much. I have, however, been collecting photos. Here are a few:


St. John's: where I ate lunch on day one.


My lunchtime companion

View from my new office. Literally. I turn from my computer and see this view. I love it.


I wonder why someone left bags of dried pasta on the bench at the subway station on 116 and Broadway. Time stops in the subway. It's fascinating.

Back in Philly, hopping a cab at 30th Street station, stunned by the beauty of the world around me. I've grown to think of it as home.



  1. Lisetta! Great to see you posting (and coming up for air)! Beautiful photos – your view is amazing. The movie sounds pretty funny. I heart I-tie. 🙂

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