Posted by: lisetta | November 23, 2010

Milano Market

Milano Market, between 112 and 113 on Broadway, is about 4 blocks from my new office, and a closer to what I’ve wanted in a small grocery store than anything I’ve found in Philly. Look at it:

Milano Market by night

Prepared foods, as you walk in

Cheese! So many types to choose from; not all were Italian.

More cheese! ... I love the little signs describing what you'll get if you take a chance with something new. Taleggio is an old fave; priced about $5/lb. more than expected.

Olive oils! So many kinds! Oh, dear.

Pasta! Fresh and dried. With takeaway sauces. Such a simple concept, no?

And what native Pennsylvanians won't see in their markets: alcohol! I don't even drink beer, but like the thought of buying it in any old store. In PA, its sale is highly regulated by the state. Why are the other states so civilized?

From the prepared foods area, I bought small containers of an artichoke salad and cheese tortellini with pesto. The pesto was WAY too garlicky for my tastes (darn it!), but the artichoke salad was perfect. In a former life, I might have imagined that Milano Market would become my favorite lunchtime destination …. but let’s face it: I like cooking Italian food way more than buying someone else’s version. Milano Market looks like a great place to pick up the ingredients for a fabulous meal.

Stay tuned for more great market posts. Though I’ve been unable to get it to work, I do believe that the WordPress iPhone app will be my ticket to blogger paradise.



  1. Vicariously shopping along with you – these posts always make me want to try new cheeses and olive oils. I’m a huge fan of little groceries with specialty foods like this.

  2. Me too! All of these little markets in NYC offer so many choices of things I’ve never even tried… wanderlust kicks in everywhere I go. 🙂

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