Posted by: lisetta | November 30, 2010

Insalata interessante

OK, so just a few days after saying I would *not* be heading to Milano Market for lunch, I did just that. I’d envisioned heading to one of the South Indian dosa trucks, but the one I haven’t tried yet was fighting for a parking space in Broadway, unable to serve up his lunchtime regulars. Some Street Sweets truck emblazoned with the Lacoste alligator was in the guy’s place. I felt bad…and a bit confused why Lacoste would be advertising there.

Anyway, Milano Market has a behind-the-counter salad bar with just about every topping you would want: vegetables, tofu, meats, cheese, seeds. You pick the type of salad – a spring mix or baby spinach – and 6 toppings (for $7.50) or unlimited toppings (at a price I don’t recall). I got spring mix with tasty gigantic artichoke hearts, black olives, carrots julienne, grape tomatoes, chick peas and beets. I have never been so full from a salad in my life. It kept me hunger free for the next 6 hours.

With so many prepared food choices in NYC, I wonder how – or if – people manage to overcome the temptation to try it all. I am definitely suffering from foodie wanderlust up there.  What might life be like if I actually lived there?



  1. I’m suffering from foodie envy just reading about this! I love a good salad bar.

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