Posted by: lisetta | December 1, 2010

Matt’s gnocchi

I first ate Matt’s gnocchi almost three years ago, in February 0f 2008, at a dinner party at Marni’s place! That dinner party landed me three blog entries, but I never wrote about the most interesting part of the meal: the gnocchi. Scandalous!

Who says you can’t go back? Here are some shots of Matt making his super secret family recipe. I’d love to see him start a small food business with these one day. I’m certain he’d do for gnocchi what the enthusiast amateurs have done for the cupcake. And what’s not to love about a locavore bringing his family’s food traditions to the public? We need more of that in this country. Who wants heavy industrially-produced gnocchi after all? If the Enterprise Center ever succeeds in opening the culinary incubator in my neighborhood, the nudging will commence. Matt currently commutes to an executive corporate job in Manhattan — a lifestyle I used to think seemed crazy! LOL.

It begins with storytelling, of course.

He demonstrates the ineffable.

He rolls and slices, transforming potatoes into pleasures...

How is it that memories formed three years ago remain so vivid so long after the fact? Simple: I ate his gnocchi again tonight with Blaine. This time, with a simple red sauce and basil.

Trust me: the photo doesn’t do the dish justice. Sometime this summer I had dinner with Matt, Nadia and her family and they gave me some vacuum-packed frozen gnocchi to take home. I’ve been squirreling them away in my freezer, waiting for the perfect mid-week meal. 🙂 It *was* perfect. Thanks guys!


  1. this looks fabulous!! I haven’t had good gnocchi in YEARS! (b.t.w. I like the snow!)

  2. I’ve never eaten gnocchi – okay, there I’ve said it. I’ve been wanting to try it, but can’t find it around here. I’m going to have to roll up my sleeves and make it. I’ve been questing for it since reading this recipe and now your post . . . wish me luck. 🙂

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