Posted by: lisetta | December 10, 2010

Smoked pears

The Forelle pears at the fruit truck were truly beautiful. I thought I’d poach them in spiced red wine. Poured in some leftover malbec, added a cinnamon stick, a few green cardamom pods, some star anise and a handful of sugar. About a half hour later, I turned off the burner …. or at least thought I did before the funky smell reached my bedroom.  My kitchen and living room were engulfed in smoke.  I had turned the burner to high instead of off! Oh dear. Old age is creeping in.

The pears were a bit caramelized but otherwise looked OK, so I scooped them out and served them to Blaine the next day. He was a good sport about eating one, especially since he’d never had pears poached in wine before. I ate one too. They weren’t actually all that bad! The smoky sweetness was both exotic and intoxicating. I think I could be on to something here …


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