Posted by: lisetta | April 7, 2011

Letters from friends

Don’t have much to write about any food I’ve eaten today, but thought I’d share two emails I received on the same day!

This in from a friend in Philly whom I haven’t seen lately:

Maybe some people would be insulted if you said that you had some bad Italian food and thought of them, but I think you understand.  For some reason, my mom really likes Portofino, and they were at the Kimmel Center so it was convenient.  Previously I’d thought it was mediocre but this time it was just bad.  The only good thing (besides the nice company) was that they got a 10% discount for showing their theater tickets.  I had penne romano and the penne were definitely not fresh, and the cream sauce was completely flavorless.  On the other hand, when I went to Penne with my parents and had pumpkin gnocchi in cream sage sauce, it was good and I also thought of you.  So I guess it evens out.

This in from a former student in Russia, who found me in Linked In:

You were the best English-Italian professor I saw in the communicaction EB (English Business) in my life. I still remember the Italian  bread you cooked for us. If you gonna visit Russia I am your slave.

Love, yours


While Blaine wasn’t so thrilled with Sergey’s offer to be my slave and proclamation of love, I persuaded him it was simply Russian-style hyperbole. 🙂 While I have absolutely no recollection of making my students bread, I do believe that it would have made an impression.

On days like today, I really appreciate how easy it’s gotten to reach out to people who have touched our lives in memorable ways. Sometimes a little email is all it takes to make your day!



  1. To be fair to my mom, who usually has pretty good taste but is also a loyal person, she was disappointed, too, and said she didn’t plan on going back there.

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